Comic Jens

Comic Jens
2007 | Comic Jens | An alternative to Comic Sans, free download in OpenType format

Comic Jens is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence, that means you are free to use it, even for commercial work, as long as you include credits to the designer. Please read the licence included in the download for full details.

Typefaces A – Z

2008 | Blobs | Having fun with FontLab’s script tool. Monospaced, includes Cyrillic

Gila Rough
1997–2008 | Gila Rough | Gisela’s old typewriter

Quid Mono
2008 | Quid Mono Extended | Geometric and monospaced, more weights to come

Schema Basic Bold
2008 | Schema Basic Bold | On a strict grid, available free on FontStruct

2007 | Sixtyfour | The complete Commodore C64 character set and beyond

Stecker Five
2007 | Stecker Five | Based on children’s toys

In Progress

Bored Circuit
2008 | Bored Circuit | Based on a vector font commonly seen on printed circuit boards

Herma Bold
2008 | Herma Bold (and Regular) | Based on Herma’s body proportions

Ira Bold
2007 | Ira Bold | A sans-serif companion for Georgia

Modular Fraktur
2008 | Modular Fraktur 0.2 | Badly-spaced version available free on FontStruct

2008 | Pathos | Monumental Sans with various degrees of roughness, includes Greek

Schema Bold
2007 | Schema Bold | Get rid of the grid

2008 | Slab | Ein bißchen Slab muß sein!

Stecker Seven, Stecker Nine
2007 | Stecker Five, Seven and Nine | More pin grids

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